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The world of sports is a vast and exciting place to work. Whether you're looking for an office job or to become a coach, there are many opportunities to choose from. But how can you know what you're really getting into?
Job offers
JD Sports is the world's leading specialist multiple retailer with over 3,600 stores in 36 markets and over 70,000 colleagues. As well as being the unofficial sports authority of the UK, the company is an equal opportunity employer and a great place to start your own career. Getting a foot in the door is easy, with competitive salaries and benefits aplenty. The best part is, you can work from home if you are so inclined. A good place to start your search is with JD's job board. It has a wide array of positions to choose from, from finance to customer service to human resources. Getting started is as easy as a click of a button.
You will find that the company has plenty of high flying talent and a plethora of well designed workspaces. To top it off, the company has an enviable employee benefits package, which includes a health and wellness program and some of the cheapest dental plans on the market.
Merchandise Assistant
JD Sports is a multi-channel retail retailer of sports and casual wear. With over 2400 stores in Europe, the company has made a name for itself by blending physical retail with digital retail. The company's employees are expected to represent the company with professionalism at all times. This includes maintaining clean stock and displaying merchandise according to company standards.
Customer Service Representatives are required to deliver a high level of customer service, which includes providing constructive feedback and conflict resolution. They are also responsible for managing sales and displays. To be successful in the position, they must be able to read and write English, perform business-related mathematics and maintain an understanding of corporate sales reports. As a representative of the company, they must conduct their work in a safe manner and offer alternatives to customers. In addition, they must be able to stand for long periods of time during peak sale periods.
A Customer Service Manager is expected to drive sales by maintaining a full product range and offering a positive shopping experience to customers. He or she must also provide solutions to customers' problems, as well as restocking product when necessary. By delivering a high level of customer service, they contribute to a successful store team.
Assistant Merchandisers are responsible for assisting in the management of all channel departmental stock plans, markdowns and profit plans. They also assist in building an accurate ratio history and ensuring that all stores are equipped with the right products. In addition, they are expected to ensure that all stores meet their service levels.
Typically, Assistant Merchandisers begin their careers in the buyer's admin assistant role. After a period of experience, they can move up to a merchandiser or merchandising manager. However, they can also start at the bottom, as a merchandising admin assistant or a trainee buyer. If they want to go all the way up, they can apply for a graduate merchandising scheme, which is a two-year program designed to build a strong foundation in the retail industry. These roles typically involve working closely with the design, buying and technology teams.
Junior Management is a team of managers, who are responsible for ensuring that all sales staff are performing at a high level and that the personal appearance of the sales staff is in line with company guidelines. It also monitors staff service levels and improves them. All members of the team are involved in improving the level of customer service and working together to reach a common goal.
Working as a JD Sports merchandise assistant is an ideal way to boost your store's profitability and provide excellent customer service. Sales assistant jobs are available from 20 hours per week to full time, and they are flexible. The company pays its employees the National Minimum Wage.
Wellness coach
Whether you're an undergraduate student looking to make a difference in your community, or an experienced professional who is ready to move on to the next level, consider becoming a wellness coach. These individuals are trained to assess a client's physical condition, and lead them on a course to a healthier lifestyle. They also work with clients to set goals, manage chronic conditions, and provide exercise and nutrition recommendations. In many cases, these coaches are in charge of overseeing fitness programs at gyms, corporations, and other facilities.
A health and wellness coach may also be called a personal trainer. Personal trainers help clients develop a customized workout plan, and show them how to properly use training equipment. As a health and wellness coach, you will also have to be educated about the various health topics, such as nutrition, mental health, and cardiovascular health. You may be required to take additional courses, such as a telehealth course or certification from a holistic healthcare school. This profession offers a good balance between fitness and psychology.
The average salary for a wellness coach is $54,194 at Baptist Health South Florida, and $63,736 at Stanford University. However, you can earn more than this in the finance, insurance, and retail industries. For example, you can expect to make about $38,241 if you work in the insurance industry. If you're working in the financial sector, you can expect to make about 3.250 times more than a wellness coach.
While both positions require similar skills, fitness and wellness coordinators are paid a little less than wellness coaches, while making a lot more money in the non-profit and government industries. In fact, you can expect to make an average of $37,632 if you're a fitness coordinator, and $19,093 if you're a fitness and wellness manager.
On the other hand, you may have to work for a medical company if you're a wellness and fitness manager. This profession requires a master's degree in medicine, and may require licensure to practice as a dietician, therapist, or other health-related specialty. Other jobs in the field involve creating a telehealth plan, consulting with physicians and other health professionals, or advising clients on how to better manage their weight or chronic health conditions. Typically, it will take a few years to achieve a career in this field, and it's a good idea to get a head start on your education.
Wellness and fitness coordinators are responsible for developing and implementing individualized wellness plans, identifying and addressing the needs of individuals, and establishing program requirements. They also have similar duties to fitness coaches, such as evaluating budgets and establishing guidelines for facility operations. Most of them are paid more than wellness coaches, though. Fitness coordinators tend to work in the public or private sectors, while wellness coaches tend to work in the health care industry.

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