A climate change documentary is a good way to educate and inspire people about the dangers of global warming. These documentaries focus on personal stories and the societal effects of climate change. They also provide a good look at the scientific evidence behind the threat.
Before the Flood, a documentary hosted by Leonardo DiCaprio, explores the impact of climate change on people and the planet. The film also includes interviews with environmental activists and climate scientists. It covers issues such as water pollution, sea levels rising, and the rise of radicalized groups such as ISIS.
Climate Refugees, directed by Michael P. Nash, focuses on human migration due to the effects of extreme weather events. It also highlights the human impact of climate change, such as extended droughts and lack of resources. This documentary aims to show the world the full spectrum of climate change's ramifications, including how it affects food, water, and overpopulation.
Racing Extinction, a documentary filmed by the team behind the Ocean's 11 series The Cove, uses a unique approach to document the effects of global warming on ocean acidification. While most of the film's action takes place in the United States, it also explores the global impacts of rising temperatures.
Climate Change: The Facts is a BBC documentary that provides the facts about climate change. The film includes interviews with environmental activists and climate scientists, and offers solutions that can help the world. Despite its focus on the negative effects of climate change, the film points out that there are still opportunities for positive change.
A young climate activist, Greta Thunberg, is the subject of the documentary I Am Greta. This film shows that there are no age limits on how long it takes to become an activist, and that you can take action now to make a difference. By the end of the film, Thunberg has gained considerable publicity as she demands climate justice.
Another documentary, The Age of Consequences, focuses on the effects of climate change on global stability. While the movie focuses on extreme weather events such as floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes, it also examines the effects of rising temperatures on species. In fact, about eight percent of the world's species are at risk of extinction because of climate change.
An example of a climate change documentary that is not just a scholarly analysis of the science involved, but one that also aims to inspire action is Disobedience. This film by Kelly Nyks and Rachel Lears follows young climate activist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) during the midterms in 2018. Although the film's main theme is the fight against Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, it also discusses the plight of European refugees.
Lastly, Climate Change: The Facts tries to make the case that the current consensus on man-made global warming is flawed. To do so, the film argues that many of the scientific studies and reports published by the IPCC and other organizations miss the mark. Instead, it demonstrates that the global temperature has been rising since 1940, despite the skepticism of some in the scientific Link

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