What Are Tapered Jeans?

Whether you're new to jeans or are an old pro, you might be wondering what tapered jeans are and how they fit. Tapered jeans are similar to slim jeans in that they're made to give a wide, flattering fit to the waist and thighs. But whereas slim jeans are narrower around the ankle, tapered jeans have a wider fit throughout the waist and thighs. You can find them in a variety of colors and styles, including light blue and indigo.

Slim fit vs tapered fit

Whether you are shopping for a pair of jeans or another clothing item, it pays to know the differences between tapered fit vs slim fit. Depending on your shape, you may be better off with one or the other.

Tapered jeans offer a less-tight fit, while slim fit is tighter around the legs. While both styles can help you create a flattering look, slim fit is more comfortable. This type of fit is also more versatile. You can wear it with sneakers for a casual look or with a dress shirt for a more business-like outfit.

Slim fit is a great choice for skinny people. This is because it has a tighter fit at the waist and ankle. It also has a smoother cuff. This type of cut is particularly useful for men with athletic builds, who want to show off their shape.

Feature a wider fit at the waist and thighs

Whether you're a teenager or a middle aged man, tapered jeans give you a comfortable fit around the thighs and ankles. They're also a great choice for people with larger hips. This style of pants is perfect for guys with athletic legs. You can wear them with almost any shoe. They're available in a variety of different washes, including blue, black, and brown.

Unlike skinny jeans, tapered pants are not very clingy. They're more snug around the waist and thigh, but there's still room to move. They look good on most body types, but you should try them on first.

Avoid fabric bunching at the ankle

Whenever you're wearing tapered jeans, you want to make sure you don't bunch up the fabric along the ankle. This can occur when you try to fold the pants into large stacks. Luckily, there are a few easy tips you can follow to avoid this from happening.

A good rule of thumb is to wear socks over your jeans to prevent any bunching. You also might want to use a neutral colored sock to hide any feet that peek out from underneath your trousers. You'll also want to keep the hems of your jeans as short as possible. This is especially important if you have knee issues.

Come in light blue and indigo

Whether it is a bespoke pair of jeans or a more affordable take on a classic, a man can't go wrong with a good pair of denim. Fortunately, if you don't have the time to go to the shop, you can get your hands on a stylish pair in the comfort of your own home with a quick browse through the latest collections of ZARA online. You'll find a wide variety of styles, colours and washes to choose from, and it's all at your fingertips.

The latest collection from the fashion house pays tribute to a storied garment by putting the iconic jean in its rightful place on the internet. It's made from non-stretch recycled cotton, and features subtle detailing such as contrast topstitching and a nod to Levi's heritage with its signature branding on the back pockets.

Fly styles

Unlike loose-fit jeans, tapered jeans do not allow any excess denim to hang over the ankles. These types of jeans are also wrinkle-resistant. You can also choose to have them custom-sized. This ensures a perfect fit.

You can find tapered jeans in different colors and styles. They are available in regular, slim and athletic fits. They also come in sizes from S to 2XL. The material used in tapered jeans includes cotton and stretch denim. This fabric is more elastic than plain denim. This makes the cut narrower and flattering.

Depending on the design of the jeans, they may also have a fly. This fly is fastened with buttons or a zipper. Whether you choose to have a zipper or buttons on your fly, it is important to make sure it matches your jeans. You can also consider having your jeans custom-sized, so you get the best fit possible.

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