If you are planning a work Christmas party this year, there are plenty of fun games you can play. There are scavenger hunts, a gift swap, and a few others. Read on to see some of the options.
Santa Belly
The Santa Belly challenge is a great way to burn calories while at the same time have a great time. The game can be played in the office or at a holiday party. A large inflated balloon must be placed under the shirt of the person playing the game.
It's also worth mentioning that the true test of the Christmas Belly challenge is the ability of the participants to keep their hands behind their backs for the duration of the game. If you want to play this game, it would be a good idea to have an employee designated as a wrapper.
Another fun and festive game is the marshmallow game. This is similar to the Easter Egg hunt. You should be able to eat a few marshmallows while you're playing this game, so it can be a bit messy.
Another interesting game is the one that involves stacking gifts. Ideally, you'll need a bunch of odd shaped objects for this to work. Also, make sure that the items are in order.
For the most part, the Santa Belly challenge is not very difficult to set up. It's best to get the kids involved. They'll have a lot of fun.
Having a bunch of balloons around the house is a great way to prepare for the game. Alternatively, you can use a pillow. Make sure to have plenty of people, though, because this game can be a bit too much for some.
Don't eat Santa
If you are having a Christmas party and need some games to keep the fun going, consider a few of these. They are simple enough to play for anyone, and can provide a great way for everyone to interact.
A gift exchange game is a good way to get your employees excited for the big day. Depending on the number of guests you have, this game can be pretty competitive. But before you jump into it, it's a good idea to give everyone a small gift. This will help everyone feel included.
The Santa hat challenge is a great way to get employees to have fun in the office. Players get to wear a hat and try to guess which famous character is bringing a Christmas present.
A candy cane hunt is a lot like an Easter egg hunt. Participants are instructed to hide candy canes around the house and to count them when the timer reaches a certain point.
To play the Christmas phrase game, have a group of participants whisper a Christmas phrase to each other. When a person says the right answer, they receive a prize.
Another holiday-themed scavenger hunt is to name as many Christmas related things as you can. You can write them on post-it notes, or even stick them on their foreheads.
You might want to play a few of these games to win a prize. Some games can be played for an extended period of time, and some can be played multiple times.
Scrooge Your Neighbor
There are many Christmas party games you can play at your next office party. You can use a variety of classic holiday songs for a festive feel, or test your guests' vocabulary with Christmas movie trivia questions.
One game you may want to consider is the Elf on the Shelf. You can set up a contest for this popular toy. Guests will be required to perform certain actions to gain points. The winning team will receive a prize.
Another game you can play at your party is a variation on the candies-in-a-jar game. This is a fun game for kids, but you can also play it for adults. Instead of a jar of candy, you can distribute coal to naughty guests.
Another Christmas party game you may consider is a charades game. This is a fun way to get to know your guests, and it can be played with any drink. If you're looking for a naughty gift, you can make a naughty joke to start the party.
Another game that's great for any party is the Scrooge Your Neighbor gift exchange. To play, you will need preassigned character cards. Each person will have a card with a name and face. When it is time to choose a present, the administrator will read out the story.
You'll then pass the gift to the right direction. You can tell the story or sing a line from the classic holiday song.
Seasonal Scavenger Hunts
Seasonal Scavenger Hunts are a great way to get your team excited about working together this holiday season. Whether you have an office Christmas party or a family get-together, a scavenger hunt can be a fun and competitive event.
The goal of a scavenger hunt is to find as many items as possible. These can include things like Christmas trees, ornaments, decorations, or other holiday treats.
Before you begin your scavenger hunt, it is important to know what you want to find. Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, you can begin gathering the items. If you are planning an outdoor scavenger hunt, make sure the area is safe for all participants. Also, remember to dress appropriately for the weather.
In addition to finding things, a scavenger hunt is a good opportunity to get to know your colleagues. It is a great way to increase communication and encourage team building.
A location scavenger hunt can be set up in a classroom or in an office. It can also be conducted in a virtual environment.
To plan a scavenger hunt, start by determining the rules and regulations. Be sure to give everyone a copy of the rules. You may also want to add point penalties for breaking the rules. Depending on the type of scavenger hunt, you may decide to limit the number of entries.
When you are planning a Christmas scavenger hunt, you will need to pick a date that will work best for everyone. Let your guests know when it is, and ensure that they'll be able to attend.
Silent (Night) Discos
One of the most popular events of the festive season is the office Christmas party. Whether you're looking to impress your boss, boost morale or simply kick back after a long year, there's nothing better than a few drinks and some office friendly fun. Luckily, the UK has plenty of places to ring in the yuletide season. With locations like Whitworth Locke, The Storehouse and the Tower of London, you're sure to find something to suit your needs. Getting to and from the venue is easy by bus, train or car. If you're lucky, you may even score a free drink on the house. A plethora of restaurants and pubs also make for good post-work grub. Plus, you're not stuck inside a dingy conference room all night. Make sure you book in advance to avoid the dreaded midnight rush.
For the office crowd, a silent disco isn't a bad idea. Fortunately, there's plenty of such venues in the north west. Depending on how many people you're bringing, it can cost a pretty penny. Thankfully, Silence of the Jams have got your back. Touted as the city's best party, you'll be treated to a host of the finest in a classy setting. They'll even arrange for a free glass of bubbles for you and your colleagues. You can find a list of times and dates here. So, if you're in the mood for a Christmas-themed cocktail and some good old-fashioned frolics, look no further.
Gift swap
If you're planning a work Christmas party, consider a gift exchange. It's a great way to show your colleagues you appreciate them. You don't have to shell out thousands of dollars on gifts, and you can still have fun. There are plenty of office party games that can be incorporated into your event.
The hot potato is a simple game that involves passing a single gift around a circle. When the timer stops, you can either keep the gift or pass it on. This is a good option for a group with limited time.
A similar game is the White Elephant. Each player brings a small, thoughtful gift. However, participants can't know who the recipient is until the present is presented.
For a more whimsical twist, try the "cobweb party" game. The gimmick is the use of colorful yarn to 'find' the gifts.
Another office party game that combines the holiday spirit with a little bit of competition is the gift train. Participants wrap the gifts, and then send them in a box. Once they arrive, recipients unravel the 'cobweb' of colors.
The Christmas auction is an alternative gift exchange. The winning bidder gets to choose a present.
Another holiday-themed game is the secret Santa. Participants select one person to receive a present, and then the process of choosing a gift is a collaborative effort.
Other great office party games are the musical chairs and the hot potato. Both of these are fun and easy to play.

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